hi, i'm lindsey...

a commercial, editorial and travel photographer specializing lifestyle, hospitality and culinary photography. 

I started my career as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry and after more than a decade of experience on set with commercial, celebrity and editorial clientele, my fascination with light and color expanded beyond makeup and into photography.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California but am fortunate to travel often thanks to my work and my travel blog, Hello Jetlag.

Hello Jetlag

 Through valuable in-depth guides and vivid travel photography, Hello Jetlag inspires thousands of people a year to create unique and memorable travel experiences. 

Hello Jetlag has partnered with brands such as Moet and Chandon, The Hawaiian Islands Tourism Board, Visit Berlin, Visit Czech Republic and more.  

55,000+ Unique Views per month 
70,000+ Pageviews per month

50% United States
15% United Kingdom
10% Canada & Australia 

50% 25-54 years old 
35% 35-44% years old  

72% female 


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